Nono and Nthati, balance of beauty and brains

Phongwazana Sakachane

Beauty, flair and style are at the very heart of what explains a woman of class and one whom we define as truly and purely FINITE. In keeping up with the requisites of this class, many of the beauties that Lesotho is blessed with, go to great lengths and unbelievable heights on what they spend. And for the longest time now, beauty products have been associated with foreigners from all over the global spectrum. Such products range from makeup kits, nail polish, eye shadows, lip sticks the works. Throughout the years it has never been even in the least imaginable that Basotho could be able to take care of their beauty needs by producing own products. However, there are fearless beauties in this land among them the duo that is the brains behind the country’s first lipstick range N&N Lipstick by Nono and Nthati.

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