Heal your life: exclusive interview with motivational speaker

Phongwazana Sakachane

Life does not always go according to plan; there are ups and then there are downs. However, what we can control is our way of dealing with the conditions that get thrown at us. Sometimes, even that is easier said than done, and what we are left with is a deep sense of unhelpfulness, doubt and fear. That is where people like Advocate Mary Bosiu come into the picture with their unique capability of inspiring audiences come into the picture.

Adv. Mary Bosiu is a truly an inspirational and professional keynote speaker, trainer, and author of three inspirational books, the most recent, Success Fundamentals Vol. II. She uses her experience to inspire others to face their fears. With her phenomenal words and her warmth, she engages and empathizes with you helping you to wake up, better and more confident.

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