The Feminist in the Room

Guest contributor: Tebello Ralebitso

I am at a seminar and the presenter made a joke, a somewhat decent joke, not the type that gets you heaving and tearing up, but enough to elicit a polite chuckle. During the discussion an audience member retorts that the presenter should be careful of what they say and joke about because “there might be a feminist in the room who might take offence and, we do not want World War Three on our hands”. If all it takes for a world war to break out is a feminist taking offence to a joke, then we should have had several wars break out. It begs the question: why, actually has a war not broken out yet? With women making up half the world’s population, and the other half (men) intent on a constant assault on our bodies and personhood through violence, sexism, harassment and lewd jokes, we should indeed be at war.


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