Re Basotho


The recent snow fall reminded me of how harsh our winters can get.

Allow me to share with you how a colleague ignored warnings and went driving during a blizzard. Hardly an hour through the ferocious winds, his car gave in and he was left to the elements. As he describes it he went out in an attempt to dig his way out. Needless he had to abort mission due to frozen fingers. A herdboy from a nearby cattle post saw his struggle and came to his rescue. This was not the Wakanda warrior mountain herder. This was a Mosotho boy glad in his loin cloth, gum boots layered with football socks. His face was covered fully is his mohair hat complete with ear muffs. His torso was covered with nothing but a woollen blanket. His ever trusted Molamu (stick) was now a convenient anchor as he waded through the snow”. This was the Hero that saved my colleagues’ life.


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