4 Large beets (Beetroot)

5 slices of ginger 1cm each

4TSPs of Honey

4 TSPs of Vinegar/ Lemon Juice

Water just enough to cover the beetroot in the pot

A sprig of Basil Mint for garnishing



Wash the beetroot and peel it. Cut it into chunks and place it in the pot. Pour enough water to cover the beetroot. Wash and peel the ginger and cut it into 5 slices of about 1cm each and place in the pot. Boil the beetroot and the ginger together until the beetroot is well cooked.

Once cooked transfer the beet root (do not drain the syrup) to a separate dish and then dress with the honey and the vinegar/ lemon juice.

NB: you may add more honey and vinegar until you have the sweetness and sour taste that you like.

Keep overnight and can use it the following morning and garnish with a sprig of basil mint as you serve it.






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