Stirring entrepreneur,courageous woman building realm

She is one of the most influential women in the country, always looking for ways to help women to better themselves. The 32 year old Mosotho woman has a seven day work week and despite her hectic schedule. Finite had and exciting opportunity to chat with the mother of two lovely children, a wife, a daughter and a business woman. Mamotake is passionate about what she does and feels privileged to be doing it. She has strong work ethics and works crazy hard to try make a name for herself.


Born and raised in Bloemfontein South Africa she currently resides in the beautiful mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. After her marriage to well renowned family of Matekane she moved to Maseru. She is an Accountant by profession holding a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting studied from the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, but does not work in the accounting field. She is currently engaged as the Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at MGC since 2012 to date.

As we arrive for our photo shoot at HD studio in Sea point, Maseru; Mamotake dressed in a navy blue formal skirt sits quietly before getting her makeup done. To stay balanced she says she starts off her day with reverence to the maker of heaven and earth. She puts God first in all things knowing He directs her life path.

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