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Am I still healthy for the relationship with my partner?

 Are you still healthy for your relationship with your partner? People who are in relationships with a negative mentality are at risk of developing negative emotions and developing negative behavioural actions. Such people are no longer healthy and fit for the relationships they are in. Normally, such people have the problem of relating well with themselves. Basically, the problem of unhealthy people for relationships with their partners is a prevailing crisis of the 21st Century across cultures. Unfit people in relationships usually dwell on negative and destructive energy in their lives. I want to agree with the statement that says, “There is no one who can live a positive life based on negative thinking”. This is because negative thinking creates negative energy which is to be avoided at all costs.


Growing healthy for the relationship with one’s partner is a growing need for the 21st Century. Perhaps, you can assess your healthiness for a relationship you have with your partner. There are 10 statements which you can use to check whether you are still healthy for your relationship.

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