If you live anywhere within urban Lesotho, you too have been tormented by the illusive billboard with bold letters written and re-asking you to define for yourself who you are? To the marketing genius who conceptualised this, ‘Thanks’ for nothing. I don’t know about you all but every day I come across these illusive words, a raw nerve is struck deep within my soul! This time around, it so happened that I was proudly sipping on locally made khemere (ginger beer). Listen, nothing could get me down, I was on a high sense of pride. Finally I was able to walk into a foreign owned store and something made within my land would be on the shelves. I thought to myself “Yippee, we made it!” Finally I could say Ke Mosotho, ke noa khemere ea Lesotho (I am a Mosotho, I drink Lesotho made ginger beer). TEXT MOROETSANA

 It could not get better than this! It was not until my inquisitive teenager asked me, “Where exactly do us as Basotho grow the so called ginger?” Then I found the flaw in my sense of pride. I sheepishly replied “Ginger is a root, and we localise it by making a unique Sesotho brew”. How could I disappoint this young mind and let her know that this ginger beer is made from a ginger root, grown in a foreign land.

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