Haemorrhoids are dilated, twisted veins in the wall of the lower rectum and anus, also known as piles. They can cause itching, pain or bleeding during a bowel movement. TEXT DR. MUSOKE

 They are caused by increased pressure in the anorectal area. This pressure may occur during pregnancy, lifting of heavy objects, or repeated straining during bowel movements. Constipation may also contribute to straining.

 Symptoms may vary depending if they are internal or external:

External haemorrhoids: May form a lump on the anus that may grow in size and become painful.

Internal haemorrhoids: Usually do not cause a lump or pain however they can bleed. The bleeding occurs with bowel movement and may be seen on the toilet paper or may turn the water in the toilet bowel red.

There may also be some mucous discharge and a feeling that the rectum is not empty after using the toilet. Hard stool can make haemorrhoids worse.

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