Everyone today complains about corruption including those who commit it. Do we ever wonder why only a few individuals are in control of most resources this days? Here is the thing today: we individual citizens, professionals or civilians keep voting for people in power only to adore them as Gods instead of holding them accountable to their promises as well as reminding them that the power is from us by us! TEXT MANTHANTISI MACHEPHA

 This is a disease of today, which the former RSA president Mbeki calls: market fundamentalism. This is where every individual is hoping to gain favour from the corruption system without realizing how selfish and destructive to society that mentality is. That which is morally wrong is a crime to humanity and will never be justified by personal gain. We are the generation which great grandchildren will be ashamed to even visit in graveyards for lack of moral authority

Here is the thing to note about me! If you are my child’s teacher, you are exactly that, the teacher! I will be the parent, not your student, nor your friend. I will pay what is due to the school to facilitate the learning and I will attend all parents meetings the best way I can.

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