Phomane was very comfortable in the fast-paced realm as the first female to head a life insurance company. In fact, she never agreed with the notion that it is a “man’s world.” She’s risen through the ranks in her field, and today, it is noteworthy that she’s the first female Managing Director (MD) of Metropolitan Lesotho, where she oversees the operations within the company and hundreds of employees.


She is the first woman in the history of Lesotho to become the MD of Metropolitan Lesotho. Phomane’s appointment is a tremendous milestone in the industry’s transformation journey. She occupies one of the most challenging and demanding positions in the company.

Phomane served as acting MD since June 2019. Having climbed up the corporate ranks in the organisation since joining in 2004, she is vastly experienced. Prior to this appointment, she served as Chief Operations Officer (COO) before her new role. In taking up the position, she assures Basotho that they will continue to get high quality service from the office.

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