Every festive season, I always observe people step into the wild side when it comes to their hair. They bleach, leave ends unprotected, go swimming without swimming caps and do all the risky hair business you can think of. I cringe at all these, but very quick to remind myself it’s ‘festive’ and people are allowed to indulge. However, there are things to seriously take note of to survive this season with as little hair damage as possible. TEXT HAPE MARITE


We know that this is a season of hair adventure and over manipulation because you want to show up at every event looking your best. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and once they’re damaged, it’s almost impossible to revive them. Split ends can cause even more damage to natural healthy hair because the split will continue to travel up the hair strand, causing more damage and resulting in more hair having to be removed later. It’s best to get a trim at the start of the season so that your hair can reap all the benefits of having a fresh start.

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