Woman nursing an injured bruised grazed knee with surface petechia on the skin and tissue discoloration in her hands in a healthcare and medical concept, close up of the joint and hands

The saying, ‘’men forget but never forgive and women forgive but never forget’’ has been used since time immemorial in love matters and relationships. Love is that vast and all-consuming emotion we often struggle to explain; with love comes profound and deep feelings of devotion, sacrifice and pain. Love certainly has its own way of leaving a beautiful mark in people’s hearts.


Love and abuse can never flow in the same stream, however we live in a world where people tend to confuse the two and end up self-deceiving. This pattern tends to become detrimental where women in most cases chose to follow their hearts despite the obvious signs of an unhealthy relationship that sometimes even results in death. People like the saying ‘Love is blind’ but how blind can it be? Love must breed love.

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