Our social connections: The real nourishment for our mental well-being

 The designers of the Caring for People with Psychosis programme at King’s College London teach about the CHIME acronym for the good mental health outcomes of people living with mental illnesses. The acronym can be broken down as follows; living a life of CONNECTEDNESS, of HOPE, in a sense of being optimistic about the future, of having a firm IDENTITY separate from one’s condition, living with the ability to MANAGE one’s condition one’s self and being EMPOWERED to make decisions that affect one.


I will focus on the importance of connectedness, because it seems to be undermined both as a preventive and curative measure for mental health problems. For some people, the festive season is a time to look forward to but for others, the festivities add a layer of extra gloom to their despair, due to lack of meaningful relationships.

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