Make up can be underestimated, but it is more important than we may think. What does it mean to be a make-up artist and nail technician? A lot of stress, creativity and patience, says Suzan Thulo who discovered her love for makeup after watching the incredible transformations and special effects made possible by makeup artistry. Suzan is a young makeup artist from Mafeteng, who in the last year worked for Miss Lesotho beauty pageant photo-shoot sessions and fashion shows around Maseru. She is the first born in a family of just two children, her and a brother.

Text Senate Lerotholi

From the dusty streets of Ha-kuili Mafeteng, she moved and grew up in a Zulu Speaking family in South Africa, Johannesburg, Orange Farm. As a teenager she couldn’t cope with the fast paced life of the area, the stress and bullying during her high school years. To avoid being caught up in choosing between schools and blending into the “kasi” lifestyle, she took a decision to move back to Lesotho.

Upon arrival, she got admission at the Kingsgate High School which is one of the best performing schools in Mafeteng. “During my studies, I gave my school work all the energy and attention because that was what I genuinely longed for; being in an environment that would allow me to be the best that I could be” she recalls with a smile.

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