HAVE SELF-CONFIDENCE… You are not an Accident…

What is Self-Confidence?

It is your own feeling of worth. It is an emotional contentment whereby you feel neither inferior nor superior to anyone. It is not an ego thing. It is a confidence thing. It is a critical component of success. Why? Because you cannot surprise yourself by succeeding beyond your level of self-confidence, but, and it is a big one, you can succeed even when nobody has confidence in you.


 Beefing it up…

Let me highlight some of the things that you need to do to achieve or beef up your self-confidence:

Love & Respect Who You Are:

Stand up right now, look at the mirror and tell the person you see there that you love him/her to bits. Say it loud and watch the space as a smile lights up your face. Guess what? The last time I checked, smile never hurt anyone. By the way if you do not love, respect and accept who you are, you are in deep trouble because you will always have yourself around you. You cannot even go to the bathroom without you being there!

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