Meet the man behind TheStyle Hub Lesotho- Thabo Sehlabi

Not many people have the courage to leave their jobs to engage in a business venture. However for Thabo Sehlabi, the move was a lucky break towards realizing that this was what he was born to do and hoped for in his life. Making it in business took more than just the belief in himself but also patience, perseverance and smart business ideas for a successful startup. Hard work coupled with these qualities got him to where he is today.


The clothing industry is commonly very stylish, forward-looking on trends and fast-paced. The owner of TheStyle Hub Lesotho, a popular one stop stylish clothing store in Maseru said he always aspired to become an entrepreneur and own his own business. He passionately shared with FINITE Magazine about how he successfully turned a side hustle into a successful and interesting career.

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