Your monthly financial to do list

Beginning of 2020 WINTER becomes a tough time as a result of Corona (COVID 19) pandemic spreading worldwide and countries lockdown . In fact, a lot of people are under a great deal of stress and financial strain as they lose their jobs, get salary cuts or no work no pay situations. Follow this monthly financial ‘to do list’ to help kick start your winter season on a positive note and be on the road to financial security.

 #1. Budget for the year

It is a very common trend for the New Year pinch to have people working on a very tight budget however, the rough month is over, it is now time to revisit that budget and see how you actually survived it. Like any other change, all that is required to turn things around is small little changes and not necessarily the big, drastic changes that may be a bit overwhelming and may ultimately lead to relapses. If you really have to refrain from spending money, it is advisable to work that out to fit into your budget.

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