TO END GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE we need to break the culture of silence

Chatz4Change is a new Finite column that aims to create a platform where people can talk openly about gender based violence (GBV). It further strives to break silence and stigma associated with talking about GBV. This is a topic very close to my heart as a survivor of domestic violence. Why this initiative? Gender-based violence in our African and Basotho culture has been a norm, probably for as long as our nation has been in existence. In a patriarchal society; men are heads of families and women are children. This has shaped our thinking as a society to believing in that. It has given men power over women and misconstrued ideology that they can “discipline” their partners if and when they see fit.


We aim to help all those affected by GBV by creating a platform where victims and perpetrators can offload freely. It is our responsibility to question the current status quo and challenge some of the beliefs that are harmful to marginalised groups. Let us unite and say NO to GBV and NO to treating it as a secret. We can only achieve these if we speak in one voice because united we stand, divided we fall. Together we can break this vicious circle that is crippling our relationships, damaging our kids, producing future abusers or victims of abuse and at worst ending lives.

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