Building value for Basotho women

On top of it all, my mother played a huge role in me, being the woman that I am today. Shaping over my dreams, looking at her, I was always like, wow! Thing is, she studied oversees and had a good work there but she decided to come back home, to sit down for the benefit of other people more than she could get materialistic gain for herself. This passed on an importance of humanity which my mother embraced more than anything.

During her humanitarian service, my mother owned an orphanage and I grew up around a group of ladies who did everything from sewing, knitting, making candles and juice and from here, I learned a lot of skills. This is when I knew that I wanted to be present in my community and be somebody. What I did not know though, was that I wanted to have a gift like my mother did. It is because as a child, a gift is not glamorous, especially a spiritual gift. But I can tell a different story now.

My father on the other hand imparted a lot in grooming me to what people see today. I always say I thank God that I do not have daddy issues because of my present father. As much as we were not that well-off, his presence changed a lot of things, especially my attitude towards men.

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