He was born and raised in a family of resilient farmers also under the watchful eye of entrepreneurs, the reason he is one of the most successful modern day crop farming businessmen. Hoaba was molded into a hard worker from a young age. Today he is the founderand proud director of Litsoamobung Fresh Produce, an enterprise that sells various locally grown crops.

“I come from a farming family and community, and it was a big part of our family life growing up. My late mother was a seams dress while my father sold mohair. We would be expected to wake up very early in the morning to do cultivation. While in High School, I chose agriculture asone of the practical subjects because I was more familiar with the art of agriculture,”adds Hoaba.

Litsoamobung Fresh Produce was established in 2014 by Hoaba alongsidebold Basotho women Malitšoanelo(his wife), ’Mapula Makara (his mother in law)and sister in law after realizing the high cost of agricultural inputs straining the country’s farming sector. Occupying 33 hectares, the farm is situated in the heart of KoroKoro about 38 kilometers south of Maseru. They have hired 12 employees, 6 of them are temporary staff.

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