Food to avoid when you are pregnant

Cropped shot of a pregnant woman eating delicious pancakes at home

Pregnancy is a delicate stage to be in as a woman, regardless of age therefore it is important for pregnant women to take good care of themselves for the sake of the baby as well. Again women during pregnancy are bound to have weird food cravings. It is important to be very selective of what they eat. Below are the foods to avoid during pregnant according to a registered mid wife nurse Theko from Leo Health Centre in Ha Makhoathi deployed by EGPAF.

 Avoid sea food, contaminated or undercooked sea food

As much as fish is a good source of protein and omega 3, which are very good for the development of baby’s brain and eyes, too much mercury contained in fish (old fish) for example tuna and tile fish it can be dangerous for the unborn baby’s nervous system. However, trout and salmon can be taken 3 serving in a week. Undercooked or contaminated fish are high in bacteria and viruses that can endanger both the mother and the baby’s life. Expecting mothers are therefore advised to strictly avoid oyster and sushi.

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