Is “wokeness” a form of psychological violence?

There was a time when the word woke was on everyone’s fingertips on social media in the (in) famous hashtag #staywoke. Although the word is no longer thrown around as much, policing people online in the guise of wokeness is still very much alive. So what is being woke? Being woke is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as encompassing “the need to search for more knowledge, understanding and truth in order to challenge injustice.” Could it be a form of psychological violence, presenting itself in violent talk and intolerance to others?


The Covid 19 pandemic seemed to worsen sentiments of problems that have been fueled by long standing issues that brought about the frustration of scarcity – the effects of the global economic recession we’ve been struggling with since 2008, which in recent years saw the rise of populism and nationalism through moves such as Brexit, the election of right wing leaders like India’s Narendra Modi or Donald Trump, whose campaign tactics included open racist, sexist and nationalistic talk and rising trends of oppression of minorities, especially the killing of black men in the US and rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has become a global movement supported especially by nations with

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