Africa Rising: Young, Black and Female Leaders

The world is changing right before our eyes. This is a time of reckoning, we are all questioning everything we ever knew about life, the systems, injustices, privileges and the time of reckoning has brought many questions to the forefront. While we are undergoing a pandemic, we also saw another pandemic emerge all throughout the world, fighting the racial injustices in the world. The Black lives movement came to full front as the world grappled with police brutality against black people.


On our home ground in Africa, we are fighting a different kind of fight. A fight against corrupt leaders, against lack of inclusivity in leadership. The gender and age disparity in African leadership is a discouraging one and a cause for concern. While we are continuing in this long fight, we are happy to highlight women in Africa who are breaking the norm and have occupied prominent seats in leadership over the past and current years.

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