MARY PHENDUKA: entrepreneur, network marketing & busting the fear barrier

At first glance, one might think she is one of those who get to be told to get off their high horse type. Once you sit with her, you get the kind of vibe that will leave you in awe.She is humble, beautiful, intelligent and fashionable. A true reflection of what the words success and determination look like. Recently Finite Journalist Mariki Mohale sat down with Mary Phenduka to talk about how she uses her ideas and concepts to live a better life and how Network Marketing can help a person achieve their dreams. Also to find out how she has built up her business brand.

Her experiences may help you to decide whether you would benefit from joining network marketing. This interview, Finite magazine believes will motivate the genius in you my reader, make you to get out of your comfort zone and to start doing something for yourself. Enjoy!

Growing up in a rural area of Maseru, Mary said that she was raised in a very warm and loving home where her parents focused on education. “I grew up in an environment where I was always encouraged to be the best of myself, to remain humble and treat people with respect.”

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