A better way to think: Rational, Safe and Healthy Thinking

Both partners are responsible to think in a rational manner in order to be happy, safe and healthy in a relationship. Being able to think in a rational, safe and healthy manner leads into a restorative and constructive relationship, but being able to think in the opposite direction leads into a draining and destructive relationship. The ability to think in an irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy manner is the root cause of toxicity in many if not all the relationships. BY: LIAU MOCHABA

 Rational, safe and healthy thinking can help both partners to stand and heal from strong winds and storms of
relationships, especially in this era where there is an evident mind-shifting from positive to negative thinking. It is critical that you should assess your thinking to check whether or not your thinking is not destructive, thereby creating toxic thoughts for you and your partner. Based on your opinion, please rate your thinking about yourself and your partner, and your partner’s thinking about you and himself/herself by answering Yes or No.  You should be as honest as you can in order to get better results and reflection of your thinking for some strategic thinking and
Rational, Safe and HealthyThinking
1. Yourself:

1.1 I am able to think the Truthful,
Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind thoughts about:
a) Myself Yes No
b) My Partner Yes No

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