Once, Twice Survived Cancer!

One morning in 2007, she felt a small lump on her left breast. The second week the breast had developed a dimple. Although it was painless, she felt the need to seek medical attention in fear that something was wrong. Upon arrival at Maluti Adventist Hospital in Mapoteng, ‘Majakote was recommended for a biopsy on the left breast but prior to theatre admission, several compulsory tests were made one of which was a pregnancy check.

Two weeks later lab results were released and so Majakote came. “I remember sitting patiently waiting for the doctor to give me the results. I was nervous but didn’t think anything was wrong. The doctor came in and asked how I was. I gave my usual cheery response that everything was good but added that ‘it depends on what you are going to tell me’. I smiled but my jovial manner quickly subsided when my doctor sat down and the words “it’s not good” came out. My heart dropped. He then said, “Its cancer “I was 8 weeks pregnant also diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. My heart dropped again. I burst into tears and said, ‘but I’m pregnant!”. She reminisces.

“I was completely terrified, confused, totally not knowing what to do,”‘Majakote told Finite. “My husband and I had conflicting emotions. We were happy about the pregnancy, but somewhat devastated”.

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