Reclaiming natural beauty through make-up

Mantharetso Masiea sees every client as a beautiful canvas looking for enhancement, as opposed to a complete change. She is a perfect example of what goals, motivation, and determination can lead to when one follows through with their dreams and take action. It can only lead to success, and that is exactly what Masiea has achieved in decades.

Finite Journalist spoke to a Mosotho woman,a classic glamorous and editorial freelance Liapeng Raliengoane
makeup artist who is making strides in South African beauty industry. She shares with us her beauty career journey, her milestones and word of wisdom to inspire your own creative dreams and career success.

Born and raised in the rural area of Lesotho Mapoteng, Ha ‘Makhoroana but currently residing in Pretoria. Throughout her growing ages, she has always been that creative, artistic child who loves the street. She chuckles when she speaks of loving the street. A 30 year old’s beauty journey started when she was in high school she
disclosed that she has been doing it since she can remember. She just didn’t know how yet. But she was always interested in being involved somehow in making it in beauty industry, and as she grew older, life kept pushing her in that direction.

“I decided to pursue make-up artistry because I found a genuine passion in it as well as uplifting others through
my artistry. Every time I saw women with beautiful clothes, nice hair and good make-up I got butterflies. They
fascinated me and I knew then that I wanted to be part of their world; I wanted to make other women beautiful. I was fascinated by beautiful women on magazines, fashion trends and earrings”. She says with a smile on his face.

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