2020 Musings: Reflect, Reset and Recalibrate

Unbelievable! This is 2020 in a nutshell. 2020 felt like a Hollywood sci-fi movie; not even sangomas saw the events of this year coming; the global pandemics, the racial inequalities, the start of revolutions and movements to fight against inequalities and police brutalities around the world. While the year unfolded unlike anything we had ever experienced, there were so many lessons along the way that we picked up and really shall use in the future.

The global lockdowns forced us to really reflect and be one with our own thoughts.  Time spend in self-reflection is an investment into oneself. During the global pandemic, we have to reflect on where our lives were heading, the choices we had undertaken as individuals and countries that had let us to the said time. I had ample time to reflect on my career, relationships and professional networks I had garnered over the years.

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