I am Maneo Mapharisa, the computer scientist, born and raised in Lesotho Mafeteng District. I am inspired to teach girls/ women STEM programs. My passion is STEM because there is a world of opportunities in STEM. Discover STEM heroes who have made a difference in our lives, think critically about how STEM careers are portrayed in films and TV and explore different ways to get into a STEM career. I am the founder of Girls Coding Academy.

Girls Coding Academy is an organization that seeks to equip 80% girls and 20% boys with basic computer skills, Robotics, computer science concepts and enable them to engage experimentally in application development. Our purpose is to offer an opportunity for students to participate in an integrative hands-on program, which includes career and technical education (CTE), science, and digital media concepts, in building a partially-autonomous and remote controlled robot. We are promoting all SUSTAINABLE DEVELOMENT GOALS in Girls Coding Academy but especially quality education, Gender Equality, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Girls Coding Academy programs entails participating in an international programs  which gives students opportunities to build their knowledge and skills by working directly with volunteer mentors in the field of engineering, vocational education, and information systems.

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