I am Lerato Mphaka, a founding member and Executive Director of the Learning Mindset Foundation, LM Foundation in short. This non-profit organization was established in 2020 and aims to democratize digital skills acquisition for Basotho Youth in particular. It specializes in digital skills acquisition. We consider ourselves a leader in the country in terms of skills such as design thinking, UX design and Data visualization. Our focus in the technology ecosystem is to impart knowledge about fields such as Design Thinking, Data visualization and UX/UI design. LM Foundation delivers its mandate through its flagship program called Letsibolo Skills Acquisition and Mentorship Program (Letsibolo SAMP).

We teach high school leaving students who are in their gap 8 months before tertiary studies. This is to wet their appetites for “skills of the future”. We also provide mentorship masterclasses to these mentees, exposing them to local industry thought leaders over the duration of the program. We pride ourselves in creating the space for Basotho youth to compete internationally, we enroll our mentees into the Interactive Design Foundation (A Swiss global platform for leading designers and UX/UI practitioners) for them to further sharpen their skills among other practitioners around the globe.

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