A ray of hope is slowly showing up as youth decide to step out to boldly disclose their HIV status. It takes an optimistic personality to accept one’s status, yet a far more valiant one to hold your head high to go public and advocate for a positive response to HIV pandemic. Now, as the world faces more health challenges, Finite Magazine shares inspiring stories to balance the weight in the war against pandemics.  

We live in the era where propaganda seems to model our ways more than facts, hence an alarming spread of misinformation about epidemics. That is to say even to date, HIV stigma is attached to adultery and the world is ignorant to the innocent possibility of being born with the virus. This does not only come as an external challenge but also haunts the victim from within. Tšepang Maboee is no exception in this case and it is amazing how she eventually managed to get up and shamelessly walk in her positive journey.

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