Passion for fashion

Lesotho is a developing country. This means it is slowly advancing to new things that other countries have already implemented. It is playing a cat and mouse game where it is headed to the finishing line to find other countries at the top. Growing bit by bit the fashion industry in the country is getting there with many upcoming fashion labels.

Growing up, most people were taught that being educated is the key to wealth or success, in recent years the game has changed completely. A 32 year old self-taught Fashion designer Hessie Mofolo from Khubetsoana Maqalika is one female go getter who has not stood back to watch her talent go to waste. Growing up she has always loved clothes and pictured herself as one of the most talented designers in the country. Established in 2012 Hessies’s Creation is a fashion business owned by this young woman. It designs anything that says fashion. Most fashion designers identify their brands by a doing certain garments, but Hessie is versatile.

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