I am Paballo Mokoqo, the founder of Regina Skills Foundation. I like to describe myself as a passionate advocate for economic emancipation for women and I believe in entrepreneurship as an effective tool to effect change and to empower women. Raised by a strong, single woman, I was inspired by her drive and strength and witnessed first-hand how empowered women can uplift their families as well as the heights they can rise to when afforded the platform to take charge of their lives and be economically active. This along with the ripple effect of benefits that trickle down to their families and children has over the years stressed the need to empower women and has spurred on my drive to create a platform that addresses this need and that is how the Regina Skills Development Programme came about.

The programme is an initiative under Dust Busters Cleaning Services, that aims to build capacity in the cleaning industry and related areas while empowering women economically. It is a response to several socio-economic issues especially high unemployment rates in the country that are skewed against women. With unemployment among women at 31.8% compared to 23.8 % in men. It was founded in August 2019 with a focus on building a database of skilled, professional, job-ready, employable women in the cleaning industry.

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