The Good Man Project – 2021

Khotso from a very tumultuous 2020 into a promising 2021

As the year ends I would like to discuss the matter that Covid has had on our mental health. The stresses we were thrown into have had a large effect on us, whether we are aware of it or not. A serious toll was taken on our mental capabilities and abilities due to what we went through. No one ever thought, in their wildest most intelligent dreams that the world would completely shut down. It reminds me of the insurers of the Twin Towers building in New York City. They only insured ONE TOWER, because the likelihood of both towers ever falling, let alone one, was completely unimaginable in their data. Same as we also never ever thought the entire world would be on lock down for a virus.

This came with many issues! It came with the “Cabin Fever Syndrome” having your freedom of movement curtailed and feeling caged with people that you may not “Like all the time” but love. With children that you only started to appreciate, what their teachers and nannies have to deal with every single day. With a spouse that you dearly love but needed time away from sometimes.

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