The joy of giving

It is not every day that one wakes up with an urge to give. But then again it’s not every day that one has something to give, at least not in the context of one who expects to be given. Moreover, often times it gets centered around financial support, which is not handled well or become too much the focus attention can lead one into acquiring financial muscle only to appear to be able at the expense of integrity or beyond restrictions.

However there’s so much more to giving than to flag ability or expose the capability of others. There is the fulfillment that one gets knowing they’ve lived one’s spirit. There’s the urge to give again and again when it makes a difference in one’s life, no matter how minute or insignificant can’t others might think. If one gives with a big heart, the receiver is more blessed than when one gives with expectations on in return which increases the pressure on the receiver in need.

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