Acting, more than just a dream

As if it is a formula in entertainment, most superstars have gone through a rough patch to make it to the top. For some, the whole achievement was a mere hobby driven by talent. Mosili Makuta Myeko on the contrary, has had her life well planned for the arts. Let us hear her rare story about breaking the rules in entertainment to formulate a clear career path.

I grew up in Maseru, Roma, at my late grandmother Nkhono ‘Mamakuta in my early childhood, with my father and siblings. While my mother travelled back and forth with her studies overseas. I’m so proud of her. She would constantly shower us with gifts. Her absence was felt. Those fun moments when grandma would drive her van to church but it would be so slow, that we decided to rather walk and still managed to get there before her or moments of sneaking into her room, and treat ourselves to “mangangajane” without her permission keep playing in my head. God bless her soul! When she found out, she would calmly call us and give us a whole backer and insisted we finish it right there and then. And never again did we touch those without asking.

Growing up, I have always had a passion for arts and I realized that more in my teen years at Lesotho High School. My parents would tell of stories where I would stand on top of my late grandma’s van as a child and sing and act to get people to give me money and it worked. So I would safely say to some degree I have been an actress, just one who was not skilled yet but Art has always been my passion.

Being born and raised in Lesotho, it was mandatory for me to go to South Africa immediately after writing form E for better acting opportunities. I knew that in order to achieve my dreams, I needed to study arts. Therefore, I enrolled at City Varsity where I attained a Diploma in Professional Acting for Camera. In my last year of varsity, we performed a stage play called Fiela’s Child, which immediately intrigued my love for stage hence yearned to learn more. I further went to do Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Free State and attained an Honours Degree in 2015.

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