Against all odds-from security guard to factory owner

A lot of us are born with dreams that would later mature into reality. Not all people with dreams work hard enough to achieve them. Others pursue them to the very end. 44-year-old Tšepo Johane narrates a journey towards realizing his dream which had always been fashion design.

Born in Mantšonyane, Thaba-Tseka district Johane was raised by his grandmother. He is the eldest of 6 siblings 3 sisters and 3 brothers. His upbringing was a much difficult one he recalls especially the education. With their grandmother struggling to pay school fees, Johane would be sent back home by teachers.  Sadly by year end he couldn’t proceed to the next class due to missed learning days not because he lacked knowledge. Going to school meant that the poor unemployed grandmother would have sold a field to pay off needed fees. 

His family aspired he would follow a career in agriculture as at the time he seemed passionate however the love for fashion was fuming. 

“I have always been someone who loved everything about clothes. In my village I was ‘that guy’ who liked to look smart even more so when I went to church,” admitted Johane with a huge smile.

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