Let us emerge as different people………..!

Hantle Basotho re louoe ke mang? I know all of us have heard this too many times. A phrase that has become our collective reaction, whenever we are confronted. With mediocre service delivery. Laced with lack of innovation, poor workmanship and just outright complete disregard of long term strategic vision for our land! There are no words enough to describe who we as a nation collectively have managed to drift through life. Without purposeful intentions to add our soul, passion, creativity towards changing the narrative of our land!  Even the well-intended national hash tag #Lesothohaeso has managed to be dragged into this unfortunate rhetoric!

Basotho ba batle. Modern day Lesotho is far from the desired ideal our forefathers planned. Apologies for being harsh. But we have been side stepping and playing footsie around this issue too long! Who we have collective decided to be has crippled our nation. At the current rate things are going the fate of future generations is now at stake! This time around I decided to dig deeper and ask.  How did, we, who triumphed over ancient wars, Lifaqane. As well Modern-day human tragedies, like Apartheid. Ever get so comfortable with mediocracy? How did we switch from warrior to survival mode?

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