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The coronavirus is certainly scary, but despite the constant reporting on total cases and a climbing death toll, the reality is that some people who come down with COVID-19 survive it. Just as the number of cases grows, so does another number, those who recover.

Truth must be told, many people who have survived COVID-19 describe their experience with the virus as shattering, long lasting suffering even though they are the fortunate ones. Contracting it can lead to social stigma and the signs can persist for weeks to months. For many people who have walked this path, sharing their journey is the only way to raise awareness and feel validated.

‘Matebatso Mookho Thatho, a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Administrator and HIV/Aids Psychologist at Khubetsoana Clinic is lucky for surviving this monster that is killing and taking loved ones.

Covid-19 Journey

“I got a second chance to live and I am grateful for it,” said ‘Matebatso , as she recounts her experience.

“When I first got symptoms on the 12th July 2020, it was a severe sore-throat which I managed the whole day with ginger root, honey and lemon mixture. I was actively running around the house but by the end of that day I had a very terrible headache which I experienced to bed until morning,” she reminisces.

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