Taking care of your expecting partners

For most couples, having children is a dream come true. However, there is one thing that many do not understand–that pregnancy is a shared responsibility between the husband and wife. Therefore, the husband should proudly say “we’re pregnant” instead of “my wife is pregnant”. Dr. Polo Sekhonyana provides some essential points to remember when your wife is pregnant. By following these, you will be a helpful husband and a great father to be!

Accompany her to doctors’ appointments

According to Dr. Sekhonyana the most important support a partner can give their pregnant spouse is that of attending antenatal visits together. Sekhonyana says that although many people take it lightly, it is very vital as it shows a lot of support to the expecting partners. She continues to explain that partners rest assured that they are not alone in their pregnancy journey.

Help in exercises

Although pregnant women are not allowed to do heavy exercises, they can do the light exercises such as taking a walk. Taking a walk with the spouse once in a while has many benefits.

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