The three in one special


This is our first issue of 2021 so it is suiting that I wish our valued readers a safe and blessed year ahead especially in this unprecedented time. We are confronted with loss and grief in a manner most of us have never experienced before. We have been forced to reset and exercise caution in all areas of our lives, including relationships. As you continue applying caution in order to survive, do not forget to revive your love life so it may always be a happy and fulfilling one.


I am a lover of love. It would be a big mistake if I did not touch on a month of love. I always get Goosebumps when I think of this day, planning a romantic surprise for Mr. PP, My Personal Person. My ah! moment is always in the reaction. Well enough about my fantasies. For now, let us refocus on true meaning of love and relationship. There is a new norm of wives versus mistresses. How in Christ name did we get to here?


It was one of my favorite holidays as a child. While in primary, we would go to town to celebrate and commemorate our founder Morena Moshoeshoe I. My mother would give me a two Maloti note, which was a lot of money at the time. I would spend all of it on “ice cone” (ice-cream in a cone). Now as an adult Mosotho woman, with a failed marriage, a survivor of domestic violence, a mother, an educator, an activist, lover of life and a hopeless romantic; I wonder how much our behavioral patterns were influenced by our forefathers.

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