Celebrating Real Life Heroes & Pioneers

A few months back when we welcomed 2021, we were very hopeful that it would bring back “lost life” of 2020, when Covid-19 became the greatest menace of our times.  We embraced another opportunity to live despite the regression that had been experienced by many, with so much lost and so much work to be done in an attempt to get life back to the normalcy we once had.  Unfortunately within no time, a turbulent reminder that not all is in our hands came knocking into our lives. And in 2021 Covid-19 would continue to harass our lives, and once again we had to re-adjust to the pandemic’s imposition.  What next?

Throughout this rollercoaster, some of us have sunk deeper into depression, some of us have found no strength to continue, some of have found the change too unbearable, and some of us have given up.  It’s a sad situation, and we see no tomorrow. We feel we’d worked so much and all that has been lost, with no possibility of a turnaround.

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