While we may attend school to obtain qualifications necessary for certain jobs, it is important to acknowledge that our dreams, experiences and dedication to certain chores influence us to design our future or choose our own career paths. Young, beautiful and brainy Neo Sekhesa is testimony that   education, passion for excellence and hard work combined are a recipe for success.  Finite chats to her about House of Linford.

Hailing from Moshoeshoe before she moved to Ha Tšosane Maseru, Neo is the business owner and managing director of Lesotho’s first vodka producing company – House of Linford. At just 33 years, she holds a diploma in biotechnology from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).   At tertiary she interned at various organizations including the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa as a junior generics researcher, Simba Company as a quality control supervisor. At TUT she interned also, firstly at the biotechnology and food technology department as a laboratory student assistant.  Secondly at biomedical sciences department as cancer and traditional medicine researcher.  She’s currently studying towards her master’s degree in business administration.

Asked about her childhood memories, she used to dislike making coffee for her grandfather daily at 17:30. Little did she know that ritual was instilling the principle she holds as a modern age woman; consistency.

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