Being a woman raising and raising A GIRL CHILD

A very big thank you to all our readers for your feedback. The only way to sustain this column is if you speak up and share your views with us. Our main goal is to help change lives through storytelling.

We have just wrapped up Women’s Month on 31st March 2021.A lot of things go through my mind as a woman and I mother to a girl child. She is growing too fast for my liking. I look at her and wonder what awaits her out there. I wish I could protect her from wickedness in this world but unfortunately at some point she will have to navigate on her own. It is a scary thought; cutting umbilical cord and letting our girls go out there. By virtue of being born female we become vulnerable and our lives a high risk. Being a woman is difficult.

I am sure every female who reads this column, whether young or old, has at one point been reprimanded for being out late. Whoever reprimanded them said something like it was not safe for her out there. Do our male counterparts ever worry about such or get messages like that? I doubt that. When my son is out I worry about boy fights, car accidents, drinking etc.

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