Within most Basotho communities, there are always myths that spread among communities like wild fire. During Lerato Nelson Nkhetše and his twin sister’s childhood years, words spread that there were crocodiles in the then newly constructed Katse dam. It was believed that the predators fed on nothing else but twins and as such, twins were a vulnerable prey. Their mother therefore became very strict and never allowed them to mingle with other kids in fear that they maybe kidnapped and fed to the predators.


The third son of Sekoati Emmanuel and ‘Manthakong Florence Nkhetše, who are residents of Ha Ntsi Masapong in the outskirts of Maseru, has a twin sister; Thato with whom he shares his greatest childhood memories. His sister saw him as an older brother and relied on him to assist her with a lot of things from providing school stationery to helping with challenging assignments as he was a class ahead of her.

Nkhetše began his education at Masapong Primary School where he passed his PSLE with Second Class Division. He further moved to John Mount High School where he obtained a Second Class pass for his Junior Certificate. He however did not do so well in his COSC. This he aspects to the fact that the school experienced a strike by the school’s top management. However, with determination and hunger for success, he supplemented his examinations and acquired results good enough to see him through to Foundation for Professional Development in the Republic of South Africa. He sat for a Certificate in Project Management. He continued further to study at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where he attained a Degree in Youth Development, after which he worked towards an Honors Degree in Social work with the aforesaid University.

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