Building working Relationships in the work place

Life should be a journey filled with ups and downs, fun, joy, as well as happiness, never should be filled with just condemnation. If you find yourself at the end of the road because you are burdened by your job, always remember the road to tranquility and peace is still navigable however unclear it may be in your eyes. BY: QENEHELO KHOALI- TSOKELI (A LIFE COACH)

Life coach Qenehelo advises people to find jobs that suit and free them from that bondage, which the world dishes to society, that working for money alone addresses all issues that you have realized in your life. She says most have failed as parents because their work environments have robbed them of their values, norms, goodness and are now bittersweet characters. It is crucial to accept your job as responding to “The Call”. The culture of the day demands that individuals respond to their calling through striving for success.

Many, however, are driven by fear, and pressure then succumb to demands to:(i) Pay bills; ii) Buy homes; iii) Take children to ‘good’ schools; iv) Drive dreams cars; v)Live comfortably in a safe neighborhood etc. and yet very, unfortunately, the very same people work at places where they “have to”, not where they choose to. In the end, they wonder why their behavior patterns and excitements are not consistent with what they envisaged during their college days.

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