From vision to reality

Relocating to a new city is a thrilling adventure yet very intimidating as well. It comes with a lot of stress alongside challenging decision-making. Itis entirely an emotional rollercoaster.

However, Khoboso Lempetje Rabolinyane did not fear the change that comes with relocation and, is living proof that it is possible to succeed from just getting employment in the northern countries to realizing a stable life. The Upper Thamae born has always fantasized about touring and exploring in Europe. Even though she had no means to fulfill this dream, she had hope that one day it would surely come true.

Khoboso is married to Motlalei Rabolinyane from Lower Thamae Maseru. Together they were blessed with a son who is 22years old. She is a qualified health worker who had to leave her family behind to go fulfill her dream abroad as she had wished. Her dream of many years has come to pass. She now holds a diploma in nursing and midwifery, Master of Science in public health and a post-grad diploma in health and safety.

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