Make a choice – Distinguish or Extinguish Yourself

Making a choice is inherent in all of us. Opting for one thing over another is our daily routine. This move may be temporarily or permanently life changing, hence it is an extremely crucial step that you do not want to take for granted. A single decision we make shapes our current reality; it shapes who we are because we tend to even unconsciously follow through with such decisions. Making a choice is key to creating the person you want to be and the life you lead, which ultimately influences who you become in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic came out of nowhere and invaded our lives, forcing us to change course of our lives. Some were about to start businesses, some were about to go study abroad, others were about to start investing, others were to get married, the list is endless. The epidemic jinxed their plans and put their dreams on hold, or to completely change the course to the plans. It hit all of us, and dealing with the turmoil was too overwhelming. We were told to adapt to transformations that came with this virus despite its destruction of our routine.

This change hasn’t been an easy one for most people. But life has to go on and all of us have to make a choice to whine and cry in misery, or rethink our “new reality” and make it our “new normal”! We have to make those decisions that will shape and still make our future! Start that business, re-apply to an abroad institution, go on and invest, go ahead with all your plans despite the pandemic’s restrictions because we all don’t know when things will be back to the” old normal”.

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