Where do babies come from? A conversation about the birds

Answers to this question can be daunting and dreaded by most parents or guardians. Conversations about sex and how babies are made differ premised on each child’s developmental stage. Every child will have a moment where they perceive differences about their bodies, especially between boys and girls; sexual body parts, the penis, and the vagina. BY:’MANEO MAKOETLANE (A SEXOLOGIST)

Children’s questions are windows to their thought life. They have vivid imagination hence constantly needing clarification and explanation to help them develop and understand themselves. Questions are one of the ways children seek guidance to an issue they already possess information about (whether good or bad) or perhaps a new concept altogether. They might be in the processing phase and have missing links to their thought processes.

Parents need to capitalize on questions and serve as credible sources of information. Itis an ideal platform to build a good rapport and communication avenues that will enable rich dialogues in addressing sexual issues in the household. Plant lifetime seeds of open communication, which it is often not the case.

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